Monday Memories: Weeks 1-3

Hello and welcome to a new series I will be starting on my blog, Monday Memories, where every 3 weeks, I will post a blog about my top 3 favorite memories! 

  1. Maddy’s Birthday Party 

At the top of my list, is when my apartment celebrated our roommate’s 21st birthday! We started our party planning about a week in advance by assigning different tasks to everyone, such as grocery shopping, buying decorations, cooking, and keeping Maddy distracted so we didn’t ruin the surprise! My job was to make the charcuterie board with my other roommate, Cassidy; and I don’t want to brag butttt we absolutely aced our assignment. Everyone else also did a wonderful job and we had a huge dinner with pasta, garlic bread, and of course birthday cake. We invited over a few of her other friends and just spent the whole night celebrating her. Celebrating birthdays away from your home and family can be tough, so it was important for us to make sure she felt extra loved on her special day! This night showed just how close our apartment has gotten despite being total strangers a month ago, and that’s why it’s my favorite memory so far. 

  1. Jumping into the Canal  

Coming in at second place is when three of my roommates and I decided to partake in a Danish tradition called winter-bathing and jumped into the freezing waters of the canal at 1:00am! It all started when I was laying down on our couch watching TV and  getting ready to call it a night. My peaceful state was interrupted by my roommate George telling me to get up because we were going for a walk to the canal because he wanted to jump in. I had heard about this tradition before, but I was adamant that I would not be partaking so I agreed to walk with them but not jump in. Somehow on the way there, my roommates managed to convince me to join in on the fun and I ended up taking the plunge into the very icy water! It was freezing in the water and even colder when I got out, but it was also one of the most fun things I’ve ever done in my life and I’m so glad I said yes.

Where we jumped in
  1. Going on a Canal Tour 

My third favorite memory is when my friend and I went back to that same canal I mentioned above, but this time from the comfort of a boat! We went in the late afternoon, so we would be able to see the different attractions both in the daytime and lit up at night after the sun had set. Our tour guide was really funny and knowledgeable, and made the tour enjoyable despite the frigid weather. We got to see some very cool areas of Copenhagen that we had not seen before and were able to take pictures of the infamous Nyhavn waterfront district that we had seen in a million photos on Google. If you are ever visiting Copenhagen, I would definitely recommend going on a boat tour but maybe wait until it’s a bit warmer!

3 responses to “Monday Memories: Weeks 1-3”

  1. So very thankful you are having a wonderful experience
    God is so good
    You are Blessed and Highly favored
    Love you


  2. Elizabeth Gayton Avatar
    Elizabeth Gayton

    Ha! I did the Polar Bear Plunge on Tybee Island, GA! Not nearly as glamorous.
    Will you be able to see the Northern Lights from where you are?


    1. I won’t be able to see them from Copenhagen, but I believe there is somewhere nearby where I might be able to see them!


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