Monday Memories: Weeks 4-6

Hello and welcome back to my blog! This Monday Memories is being posted on a Tuesday because my Monday was super hectic and I ran out of time to write/post, but I hope you enjoy!

  1. Weekend Trip to Prague 

At the top of my list, is when I took a weekend trip to Prague, Czech Republic with a couple of my friends. We flew out of Copenhagen on Friday night and returned early Monday morning just in time for our classes. Our Friday unfortunately started off on a rocky start with a 3 hour flight delay due to the weather, and we ended up not arriving to our hotel until midnight! But, luckily things quickly turned around on Saturday morning. We ate some amazing food, walked around the city, and went to the Museum of Senses which was so much fun. Then on Sunday, we did some more exploring and went to the Prague Castle, which was by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to! There was so much to see and the architecture was amazing to look at, not to mention we also saw some amazing views of Prague since it was located at the top of a hill. It was a jam-packed weekend and I definitely struggled staying awake in my classes on Monday morning, but it was absolutely worth it!

  1. Field Study to the Medical Museum   

Coming in at second place is my field study that I went on with my epidemiology class. Every Wednesday, students don’t have any classes and instead will have something called a field study which is basically a field trip around Copenhagen with one of their classes. It gives us a chance to learn more about the subject, outside of a classroom setting. So last Wednesday, my epidemiology class took us to the Medical Museum on a guided tour. It was a really interesting time, as we got to learn more about the history of medicine and were able to see some very cool artifacts; one of which was the preserved skeleton of conjoined twins who were born in Copenhagen in the 1800’s! The museum was very informative, and it was great to be able to learn outside of the classroom and to see another cool part of Copenhagen.

  1. Day Trip to Sweden  

My third favorite memory is when a few friends and I went on a day trip to Malmö, Sweden! We left Sunday around noon via train and were there in less than an hour. We started off with some exploring, before finding our way to the famous Disgusting Food Museum. Here, we first walked around the 80 different exhibits, observing what different types of food were deemed as “disgusting”. It was really interesting because there would be things that I personally found gross like stinky cheese and toilet wine, but then I would see foods like Poptarts or Twinkies that are fairly common in America and not something I would consider to be disgusting. So it was cool to compare how certain foods are disgusting to some countries and cultures, but are completely normal to others. We ended the tour at the tasting station, where I ate multiple smelly cheeses and fried bugs; there was also a hot sauce portion but I tapped out after the weakest one. After leaving the museum, we decided we were done being adventurous with our food and got some simple tacos and burritos before heading back home to Copenhagen!

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