Why I Love My Residential Community

Hello and welcome back to my blog; for this week’s blog post I’m going to be talking about housing options at DIS! Students are provided 4 main options; Residential Community, Kollegium, Living Learning Community, and Homestay. Since I live in a Residential Community (RC), I will be focusing on this specific housing but you can find more information about the other options on the DIS website.


In my RC, there are 11 students (including myself) living on the floor; and we all live in either double or triple bedrooms. We have one huge kitchen, two living rooms, and two bathrooms to share between us. It can get a little hectic sometimes, but it’s also the most fun environment I’ve ever lived in! Below are a few reasons on why I love it so much:

Reason 1: Family Dinners

I absolutely love to cook, so I definitely lucked out by being paired up with 10 other people who all either love to cook or love to eat. We don’t usually prepare our breakfast or lunch together, but dinner is always done as a group. Whether its one person cooking a big meal for the whole apartment or all of us working as a group to create a feast, you can always catch us sitting at our kitchen table enjoying a home-cooked meal and talking about our day!

Reason 2: Travel Buddies

Another perk of living with so many other students is that I will always have at least one person who is down to travel somewhere new with me. For example, this past weekend a few of my roommates and I met up in Berlin, Germany after being separated and spread out across Europe for our different Long Study Tours. We were pretty tired after a long week of traveling and class, but we were so excited to reunite with each other and to be in a new city! It was a short and jam-packed trip, full of really good food and lots of sightseeing.

Reason 3: Study Buddies

I’m not going to lie, sometimes I forget about the “study” part in study abroad! It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the fun adventures and sightseeing, and sometimes I forget that I am mainly here for school. But something that helps me is living with friends who will hold me accountable and sit at the kitchen table with me to eat and do our homework together. It’s really helpful to live with friends who are always down to go explore, but are also always willing to help me study for a test or proofread a paper.


So, those are just a few reasons for why I love my RC; it’s crazy, hectic, and there’s always something going on, but I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else! I’m only two months in and these people who were once strangers now feel like a little family. All of the housing options offered at DIS are amazing, but I’d definitely say that I chose the best one for me.

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