A Typical Tuesday

Hello and welcome back to my blog, this week I’m going to be writing about what a typical Tuesday looks like for me; I hope you enjoy!


My first class of the day isn’t until 10:00am and since I live so close to my classes, I usually don’t wake up until around 9:00am. I shower, get ready, and eat a quick breakfast before heading to my first class of the day, Healthcare Strategies for At-Risk Populations. As soon as that is over I walk to my second class, Gender and Sexuality.


I get out of Gender and Sexuality right around lunch time, so I will usually either head home to make a quick lunch or if I’m feeling lazy I’ll just walk over to a really good restaurant called Kristinedal Burgers which serves one of the best vegan burgers I’ve ever had. Once I’m done eating, I head over to my final class of the day, Epidemiology. After a long day of sitting and learning in the classroom, I like to unwind by either going to the gym or taking a walk around Copenhagen with my friends. There are so many amazing things to see around the city, so we usually just walk in a random direction and hope to stumble across something cool!


After a long day of learning and exploring, I finally head back to my apartment, where I’ll cook dinner and do some homework before hanging out with my roommates. After taking some time to relax and chill with everyone, I start to get ready for bed– and that’s a typical Tuesday for me!


When it comes to my days spent here, I always try to balance between learning and exploring. There is so much more to study abroad than just sitting in the classroom, its about getting to know the culture and city around me as well. But, it’s also about taking breaks and recognizing when my body and mind need to rest. It can be very easy to get caught up in feeling like I have to explore and be active every single second of every single day. But even when living in a foreign country, it’s important to recognize that resting is absolutely necessary. So on a typical day here in Copenhagen, I like to make sure my day has a good balance of learning new things, meeting new people, seeing new places, and taking great naps!

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