Ranking My Classes

Hello and welcome back to my blog! This week I will be focusing on the classes I am taking abroad, and ranking them based on how much I enjoy them. I hope you enjoy!

#1 Gender and Sexuality

This class is my favorite because it is by far the most interesting class I’ve ever taken throughout my time in college. This class has taught me so much about gender and sexuality both in the USA and in Denmark/Scandinavia. I have learned a lot about myself and had the opportunity to reflect on my experiences, while also learning about my peer’s experiences. My teacher in this class is also the coolest person I have ever met, and I would definitely recommend taking one of her classes to future DIS students!

#2 Healthcare Strategies for At-Risk Populations

This class is one of my favorites because it has introduced me to a topic that I had never really though about. In this class we focus on specific at-risk groups such as the homeless, drug users, and prisoners, and we talk about what issues they face and the different strategies healthcare workers have to combat these issues. We’ve had the opportunity to meet with workers at a Homeless Shelter and we once visited a Safe Injection Site!

#3 Holocaust and Genocide

This class is my core course, and has taken me to Germany and Poland on field trips to see different historic sites and learn more about the topic. It has been really interesting to learn new facts about the Holocaust, as well as, other genocides that I have never learned about before. However, the class material is (of course) very heavy and the content can be difficult to learn about.

#4 Health Beyond Borders

This class has also been very interesting, as it focuses on different public health issues and how they vary across different countries. Some public health topics/issues that we’ve discussed so far are maternal health, noncommunicable diseases, and alcohol/tobacco usage. It’s been really cool to be able to compare the USA to other countries, since I have only ever focused on the USA in previous courses.

#5 Epidemiology

Epidemiology is at the bottom of my list because I am personally just not a fan of the subject. But I do have an amazing teacher this semester who has done a great job at making the material as engaging/interesting as possible. She currently has us working on a group research project that we get to choose the topic of, so my group is comparing the incidence of autism in monozygotic and dizygotic twins!

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