Monday Memories: Weeks 10-12

Hello and welcome back to another Monday Memories, I hope you enjoy!

  1. Day at Valbyparken  

So this month, the leaders of the social media team are hosting a series of events for its student workers to attend. It gives us the chance to see more of Copenhagen while also meeting some of the other students on the media team, as well as, the adults in charge. This past weekend, I went to an event where we walked around Valbyparken, which is a huge park with free-roaming herds of sheep and alpacas! We started off by going to a man-made beach nearby to look at the water, then we stopped for a quick picnic with pastries, quiche, and more. Finally, we made our way over to where the sheep and alpacas were located, where we hung out and took some cool pictures!

  1. Gender Bender Workshop   

Coming in at second place is a field study I went to recently with my Gender and Sexuality class, called a Gender Bender Workshop. During this time, we had several drag queens come in and teach us about dressing in drag, performing lip-syncs, and altering your voice. I personally participated in the lip-sync workshop where me and my peers got to “perform” to different songs of our choice! It was such a fun experience, but also an eye-opening one as well. At the end, they reminded us that while we all had a fun time participating in drag that night, for other people this is a livelihood and a very dangerous one at times. It was an eye-opening experience and I’m so glad I was able to participate! I do not have any pictures or videos from this event, because they wanted all participants to feel comfortable and confident, without the presence of cameras!

  1. Movie Night  

My third favorite memory was movie night with my apartment! It was a random Thursday night when one person revealed that they had never seen the movie Ratatouille before, so of course we decided that we should all watch it as a group. We cuddled up on the couches and chairs in the living room with lots of ice cream and snacks, and enjoyed a chill night inside watching old Disney movies!


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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