A “Nice” Spring Break

Hello and welcome back to my blog! This week’s post is a little late because I was on spring break this past week, and wanted to wait until I returned to start writing. I spent my break in Nice, France with 2 of my friends Hadley and Cassidy, and here is everything we did!

Thursday and Friday

For the first two days we did a lot of exploring, we went to a small beach town nearby called Villefranche-sur-Mer, explored the Old Town of Nice, and did lots of sunbathing! Villefranche-sur-Mer was definitely my favorite place that we explored, it was so cute and the views of the water were stunning. The weather was great with lots of sunshine, so we would camp out on the beach for hours surviving off of Pringles and strawberries. The Old Town of Nice was also really cool, it was like one giant maze with so many little shops and restaurants. We ate a lot of delicious meals there!

Saturday and Sunday

These two days were mostly spent relaxing on the pebble beach near our airbnb. We continued to walk around Old Town a few times and explored the long stretch of shops near the beach, occasionally stopping for food throughout the day. Then, on Easter Sunday we had a very lazy day and decided to stay in and cook dinner for ourselves (Hadley did most of the cooking). We had pasta, bread, and mini charcuterie board!

Monday and Tuesday

On Monday, we had a delicious breakfast at a nearby brunch spot before climbing up the stairs of Château Hill. The hike up definitely wore me out but the views of the city and port were so worth it; and we also got to see a man-made waterfall which was spraying some much-needed mist on us! Finally on Tuesday, I got to see my friend Claire, who is studying abroad in Nice this semester. She showed me her apartment and took me out with her new friends. Then, we sat on the beach and watched the waves while catching up on life. I missed her so much this semester, so it was amazing to finally see her again and give her the biggest hug ever! Finally, I flew back to Copenhagen on Wednesday afternoon.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

One response to “A “Nice” Spring Break”

  1. What great experiences you are having. Placed and people to last a Lifetime.
    And VERY multi cultural learning.
    Keep up the Love of Living AND Sharing


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