My 3 Favorite Restaurants in CPH

Hello and welcome back to my blog! So as you might know, here at DIS we do not have a dining hall like a traditional American university might. So our options for food are to either eat out or cook our own meals, and since Copenhagen is a pretty expensive city, I usually just choose to cook. However, there are a few restaurants I’ve discovered that are delicious and not super expensive, so here are my go-to restaurants in Copenhagen!

#1 Momo Wok Box

This place is absolutely amazing. It’s an Asian restaurant that is only about a 7 minute walk away from my apartment, and it usually stays open very late. I personally love it because while they do have menu items with set recipes, they also have a build your own section where you pick out which ingredients you want and they prepare it in a wok right in front of you! I almost always choose the build your own option where I get noodles, veggies, a protein, and sauce. 12/10 would recommend!

Build your own noodles at Momo!

#2 Reffen

This isn’t exactly a restaurant, but more of a large street food festival that serves many different cuisines and is open everyday from about 11am to midnight. They have everything from New Orleans soul food to Korean BBQ chicken to Argentinian food. There are so many delicious choices and its always packed with locals and DIS students. The only con is that it is only open from April-October, so I didn’t get to experience this at the beginning of my semester. But, its still amazing so 12/10 would recommend!

Food from the seafood shack at Reffen!

#3 Ramen to Bíiru

This is my third favorite restaurant here, because it serves (in my opinion) the best ramen in Copenhagen! I absolutely love ramen so I tested out several different restaurants before deciding that this one had the best. There are so many options to choose from and its my favorite thing to eat on a lazy Saturday or Sunday. However, it’s not really that close to my apartment so I usually will just order delivery. 10/10 would recommend!

Yummy ramen!

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  1. Hi Jada! Mr. Gist & I hope you had a wonderful Birthday last we wanted to call but was unable too. Also, are you able to use your same cash app? Text me back to let me know. We had enjoyed reading all of your blogs. Keep up the good work and continue to enjoy your trip.


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